Victor Salles Araujo Victor Salles Araujo
Email: vsallesaraujo (at) fredonia (dot) edu
Summer Intern (Brazil Scientific Mobility Program)

Harvard Seismology Group
Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
Harvard University

Research Interests

My motivation comes from when I was first introduced to Seismology as a way to study and better understand the planet and its properties. I am interested in tectonics and dynamics of the ocean floor, the continental drift, the rupture process and its geodynamic implications. My current project is to digitize seismograms from the Harvard Adam Dziewonski Observatory with a MATLAB software that uses image processing algorithms, which will assist seismologists that would like to use the digital and discretized time series rather than raster images of analog seismograms.


2012 - Present B.Sc. (Geophysics), University of Sao Paulo, Brazil
2015 - 2016 Visiting Student (Geosciences), State University of New York at Fredonia

Victor Salles Araujo

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